Business and Arts South Africa is committed to ensuring the relevance and sustainability of the arts in society by offering innovative programmes that provide and support knowledge transfer, skills development and training in the cultural and creative sectors. In this way, BASA provides agency and access for the arts sector to support its engagement with the business sector.

Dac debut

The DAC Debut Programme is designed to provide information and skills development to emerging artists in all of South Africa’s nine provinces. Through strategic partnerships with community arts centres, local government and relevant agencies, the programme assists artists with everything from ideation to venture implementation.

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The BASA Scale-Up Programme aims to inspire renewed vision for established creatives and cultural organisations, spark a sense of passion and deeper curiosity of the sector, and equip participants with the relevant tools to make a meaningful contribution to the sector.

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BASA has developed free resources for creatives, and suggests a series of resources available to them through other organisations.

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