BASA is committed to keeping the conversation with our community alive and thriving. We adhere to the principles of corporate governance, which includes transparency of endeavours, by publishing our annual report, and making available our annual financial statements.

We also want to maintain discourse, discussion and debate of our past, current and forthcoming events and activities, through various media, including our biannual Bizart_ZA publication, Creative Feel supplements, media releases, and our BASA News. Stay current with BASA’s Publications suite – for the latest reports, musings and reviews from our team, our business partners, and the creative industry as a whole.

Media Releases

Recent BASA Media Releases. Stay connected to the most critical events of Business and Art in South Africa.

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Latest news in the industry and BASA news.

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Annual Reports

Chairman’s Statement, Vision and Mission, Chief Executive Officer’s Review, Governance, Strategic Overview, Grants and Report Back Status, Schedule of Special Projects.

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Case Studies

Best practice case studies.

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Launched as a platform for plural voices and points of view, BIZART_ZA is a publication that articulates the role, place and purpose of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) on the African cultural landscape.

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Creative feel Column

Creative Feel is a monthly column by ASHRAF JOHAARDIEN, an award-winning playwright, performer and producer. He is the CEO of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), and a PhD candidate with the Unit for Creative Writing, University of Pretoria.

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