BASA has a raft of research documents drawn from our biannual ArtsTrack Research, the BASA Supporting Grants programme, the BASA Awards, our other arts-based initiatives, and ad-hoc research projects. This data provides crucial insights into best practice, and shifts and trends – all of which are being used to inform the next generation of arts-business partnerships and to create opportunities, underlining BASA’s value to government, business and the arts sector.


BASA’s biannual research tracking of consumer engagement in the arts, and perceptions of the arts and its sponsors.

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Cultural Producers Programme

The Cultural Producers Programme aims to enhance leadership in young creatives and arts organisations in South Africa as well as strengthen the creative sector in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom. Leadership and creative business skills are developed and markets, networks and connections built through training programmes, work placements, grants to produce cultural products as well as participation in the SO Creative Summit 2022.

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Sponsorship Toolkit

BASA’s Arts Sponsorship Toolkit for Business offers a way of navigating through a sponsorship cycle and the ability to measure the effectiveness of an arts sponsorship.

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20 Years of Research

This report pulls together two decades of research from all of BASA’s programmes, and includes case studies.



The programme for the inaugural BASA ASSEMBLY was curated to catalyse deeper conversations around the social impact of the arts, to analyse the degree to which the creative sector and cultural institutions have (or have not) been agile, responsive or resilient to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to contemplate the future of the creative economy. Anchoring the engagement was the launch of ArtsTrack No 9. partnered by BMi.

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