Thank you for considering BASA as your vehicle for supporting the South African creative sector.


There are a range of options available to you in supporting the work that BASA does. Choose to contribute to the BASA Chairperson’s Fund or by sending a gift to our Annual Giving Campaign.

All BASA’s programmes aim to support social cohesion in South Africa, as a key national priority, by adopting a shared-value approach. To date, BASA has disbursed over R43 million to more than 1 700 projects, which in turn has leveraged in excess of R567 million in sponsorship from the business sector.

The BASA model has continued to deliver value to our stakeholders, partners and sponsors, with every R1 million of Supporting Grant funding allocated to projects leveraging an average of R13 million in support from the private sector through our Supporting Grants programme.

The pandemic saw the creative sector face unmatched challenges, but it was also a period during which our community demonstrated equally unrivalled levels of benefaction to our peers. Through various fundraising events and donations bestowed by a range of individuals, businesses and academic institutions, BASA raised over R615,000.00. This amount was supplemented with funds redirected from other areas of operation to provide support to 195 individuals artists, with grants to the total value of more than R1.75 million. Over and above its own funding to artists, BASA assisted the National Department of Sports, Arts and Culture and the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation with disbursing relief payments of over R50 million to thousands more creatives.

The current project headed by the BASA Chairperson aims to raise awareness of the rampant mental health crisis facing South Africans. This project will culminate in the collaborative creation of a mosaic artwork that will be placed in an area of prominence in Johannesburg, building a living example of the power of working together and the healing it so often brings.

Interested parties can email for more information.