Linking arts organisations with business professionals willing to serve as board members to help make the creative sector more sustainable by improving governance.

The BASA BoardBank programme gives arts organisations access to passionate, skilled professionals as potential board members, while also acting as a connector for business professionals who want to engage with arts organisations in a real and effective way.

This is achieved by providing professionals with opportunities to voluntarily sit on the boards of arts organisations, thereby helping to make the arts sector more sustainable by improving corporate governance.

The BoardBank programme offers business professionals the opportunity to expand their social investment responsibility within the creative sector – either on existing boards of organisations or in the structuring of new boards.

BoardBank is operated as a bespoke service where creative organisations, as members of BASA, may be directly linked with potential board members from BASA’s database and networks. Networking events also provide opportunities to engage with potential board members.

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If you are a business professional and are willing to serve on an creative organisation’s board, sign up to our database.

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Should you have any questions about BoardBank, email Madeleine Lambert on