Movement… a dancer’s toe shifting across the stage, the moment of sale between an artist and a buyer. The lurch in your heart hearing a favourite song. BASA is committed to keeping the arts moving, through connecting creativity and enterprise, effecting social change through transformational business-arts partnerships. Join our team and move forward with us as we create opportunities between diverse sectors of South Africa to unleash the potential of the creative sector as a catalyst for partnerships and synergising shared value. We’ll help you unleash yours.

Production Manager: Cultural Producers Programme (CPP) and SoCreative Summit 2024 (Fixed-term contract)

If you’re a creative powerhouse looking to make a real impact, this is your moment to shine! Business and Arts South Africa NPC (BASA), a driving force in the arts and culture sector, is opening the doors to a thrilling Production Manager opportunity for the Cultural Producers Programme (CPP) and SoCreative Summit 2024. This isn’t your average gig; it’s an exhilarating 7-month journey that kicks off in January 2024.

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