Welcome to the Debut Programme: Empowering Emerging Artists in South Africa! At the heart of BASA's dynamic relationship with the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture lies a defining programme - The Debut Programme. Unparalleled in its mission, this programme is dedicated to providing emerging artists from all nine provinces of South Africa with vital business and entrepreneurial skills. Our commitment is simple but powerful: equipping participants with diverse skills encompassing everything they need to bring their creative business ventures to life and sustain them in the long run. Divided into three transformative phases - Kickstarter, Hlanganisa, and Catalyst - the Debut Programme follows a systematic approach to mentoring our artists. We ensure they gain full-scale access to essential information and valuable networks, guiding them every step of the way, from the spark of an idea to the successful implementation of their ventures. Join us on this incredible journey as we empower artists, foster creativity, and fuel innovation across South Africa. Let's build a brighter, more vibrant future for the arts!


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The Kickstarter Training kicks off on Monday, April 15th, marking the official launch of the Debut Programme for our carefully selected 450 participants. This phase equips participants with a comprehensive toolkit to transform their creative ideas into thriving ventures. Utilising the ABCD Paradigm and Lean Canvas Model, the workshop aims to tap into the abundant opportunities within and around the participants.

The Kickstarter Workshop promises an engaging weeklong experience filled with group activities, case studies, and insightful videos. Participants will embark on a journey to explore their ideas, dissecting all essential elements for their development.

Throughout the workshop, attendees will be introduced to new models, terminology, and inspiring stories of successful artists who began their journey from humble origins.

Following the workshop, the Kickstarter Mentorship phase will take place from April 22nd to 26th, offering personalised guidance and assistance to our aspiring creative entrepreneurs.

Participants will then submit their Kickstarter Assignments, showcasing their newly acquired skills and creativity. These assignments will undergo evaluation, and 200 outstanding participants will advance to the Hlanganisa Phase, propelling us into the next stage of the Debut Programme scheduled to commence in June.

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The Debut Programme is made possible through the generous support of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.