The Debut Programme seeks to develop emerging artists keen to launch their artistic talents as viable creative ventures. The Programme sets out to transfer enterprise development skills to a carefully selected cohort of artists. It also develops these artists to become resourceful, opportunistic, agile, and sustainable ‘artrepreneurs’ who can make a profitable livelihood from their artistic talent.

1. Kickstarter Phase: Immersion Workshops, Facebook Live Sessions, Mentorship, Networking and Grant funding.
2. Hlanganisa Phase: Immersion Workshops, Mentorship, Grant funding, Networking, and a Provincial Art Fair.
3. Catalyst Phase: E-commerce Support, Mentorship, Masterclasses and Networking.

The Programme prioritises access and inclusion so it will use a blended model, comprising online and in-person activities.
All COVID-19 protocol will be observed at all times.

BASA, in partnership with the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, will be launching an Alumni Network, through which it will maintain a relationship with all the Programme’s alumni. This network will include access to opportunities for further training, resources and access to relevant networks.

No, participants do not need a registered company to receive any of the Grants provided in the Programme.

No, participants need to provide proof of tax registration only. Each recipient is responsible for their own tax obligations.

Yes, all Grant recipients are expected to utilise their Grant in alignment with the budget or the goals set in the training/workshops, and will therefore be required to provide proof of expenditure together with a narrative report.

If you have changed your contact details, please send an email to and the Debut Programme team will update it for you. NB: It is imperative to update the Debut team as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on anything.
Participants are encouraged to stay on the national WhatsApp groups for the duration of the Programme, as this will be the primary platform used for communication.