Exhibition showing at the IDC Gallery by SLIF and BASA

In “Different Pathways,” we trace the whispers of journeys carved in lithography and watercolour, etched in charcoal and chalk pastels, and voiced in the bold hues of acrylic. Our hands speak through mixed media, blending newspaper and print, while the warmth of soldering iron on wood, alongside the precise cuts of printmaking and lino-cut, reveals the layers of our stories. Here, the canvas stretches beyond its frame, merging past and present in a dance of color and form. Each artwork is a quiet celebration of the roads traveled and the roads yet to be discovered. As we stand before these creations, we are reminded of the myriad paths that have shaped us, and the power of our voices to mold the future. In this space, diversity is not just seen but felt—a chorus of experiences singing a complex yet harmonious melody. “Different Pathways” invites us to linger, to explore, and to imagine, encouraging us to see the beauty in each divergence and the endless possibilities that await in the richness of our collective journey. Click here for more information:

Different Pathways – SLIF