The BASA Scale-Up programme, in partnership with Rand Merchant Bank, aims to inspire renewed vision for established creatives and cultural organisations, spark a sense of agency as well as foster deeper engagement in the arts sector. The programme equips participants with the knowledge and tools to grow their ventures and to make a meaningful contribution to the sector as a whole.

Reciprocity is key to every successful relationship. To help ensure relevance for its participants, BASA engaged in a conversation regarding its Scale-Up programme that led to a refreshed programme being designed, with support from its main partner Rand Merchant Bank. This new edition will allow Scale-Up alumni to reconnect with BASA and each other, and to access further support particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This new Alumni Scale-Up programme also aims to deepen impact, develop stronger relationships and equip participants with relevant tools and skills to allow them to grow their ventures and enterprises meaningfully. Through a shared-value approach, it also offers a platform for robust knowledge sharing, community building and access to diverse networks.

Two-phase approach

The Scale-Up Alumni programme has a new – and definitely improved – approach that includes two phases:


Enhance: Masterclasses by key industry experts on bespoke topics. Topics will be customised according to the needs of the selected group and its fields will range from finance, strategy, digital innovation, communication and legal topics. 

Engage: Peer-coaching sessions and exchanges will be utilised through creative hacks. These will bring together creative practitioners and business professionals on one platform, with ‘hacking’ to find solutions to the challenges creative organisations face. Online seminars and events will take place on a scheduled basis.


Selected 10 participants

Enable: Based on their needs and/or challenges, the selected programme participants will have access to a diverse range of mentors, including BASA members and other experts within their relevant sector.

Equip: Ten individuals and organisations will also receive R15 000 each, or an asset worth R15 000 per individual/organisation. Once the programme is complete, they will also receive further profiling and PR, connecting them to strategic partners and opportunities.

Key dates

PHASE 1 (All alumni)

  • Masterclass series: 29 July−11 August 2020
  • Care and Connect workshops: 17 August−23 October 2020
  • Applications period: 14−24 August 2020
  • Adjudication of applications by Panel: 25 August−4 September 2020
  • Announcement of selected: 16 September 2020


PHASE 2 (Select alumni)

  • Grants disbursements: 17−30 September 2020
  • Mentorship: 1−31 October 2020
  • Participant profiling: 1−31 October 2020
  • Programme wrap: 25 November 2020

The Scale-Up 21

Meet 2020’s Scale-Up 21! Through a rigorous process of adjudication, the successful applicants have shown that they have the potential and ability to implement the tools that were shared throughout the first phase of the Scale-Up programme, and are willing to continue this journey with their designated mentors.

The Scale-Up 21


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The Scale-up Programme is made possible through the generous support of RMB