Gaps in leadership in the South African cultural and creative landscape have become apparent as the sector struggles to adapt and respond to these uncertain times. The Cultural Producers Programme, is a British Council programme focused on accelerating growth in skills development, capacitating global networks and driving innovative new work in ever-changing markets.

Delivered by BASA in partnership with Common Purpose SA and the Pan African Creative Exchange (PACE), the programme aims to create a network of emerging leaders who can propel the sector with renewed vigour.


About the programme

The Cultural Producers Programme runs from April to July 2024 and brings together a core cohort of 14 mid-career creative and cultural producers. It aims to upskill and unite them as a single network that enables innovative work practice.

The project will capacitate the creative economy ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK through three key components: a cultural leadership programme and work placements, the SoCreative Summit 2024 and SoCreative eLearning Platform.

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Cultural leadership

  • An intensive cultural leadership accelerator training programme, and work placements with South African creative organisations.
  • Curated online training and engagements, focused on Leading Beyond Authority, Cultural Intelligence, Leadership in Context and Cultural Production.
  • Access to industry and thought leaders via discussions, webinars, keynote addresses, talks, summits, networking events, etc.
  • An integrated online learning portal, which allows networking and engagement with an extended cohort of cultural producers.
  • Placement at arts organisations throughout South Africa that have identified the need for leadership skills acquired from the cohort, to build capacity within their own respective organisations – supported by a monthly stipend.
  • Participation in the SoCreative Summit in Johannesburg in May 2024.

SO Creative Summit 2024

SoCreative Summit, (9-10 May 2024) brings together young creatives in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK to connect, share and network towards building a stronger ecosystem.

The SoCreative Summit aims to:

  • Strengthen connections and interactions by creating opportunities for exchange, learning and new engagement.
  • Build new networks that can be used to leverage future opportunities, and widen networks for creativity, innovation and audiences.
  • Encourage skills exchange, strengthening of partnerships and co-curating of projects with common goals, resulting in value addition and cross pollination of ideas.
  • Engage and include diverse stakeholders to join the conversations and listen to the impact and potential investment opportunities within the creative economy sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK.
SoCreative Summit 2024

SoCreative eLearning

Microsoft skills online creative enterprise training comprises a self-study online training course covering general creative enterprise training, including aspects of running a creative business.