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Complementary to the Arts Sponsorship Management Toolkit for business, the Arts Sponsorship Toolkit provides a way for the management team of an arts organisation to review, refresh and enhance their sponsorship practice, and to build long-term relationships with corporate sponsors.

Conceived as a step-by-step way for arts organisations to engage in the sponsorship environment, the Arts Sponsorship Toolkit was also created by Goldman and BASA, and was launched at the Soweto Theatre in 2013. Goldman points to the fact that the sponsorship environment is becoming more competitive, requiring arts organisations to be clearer and more strongly define their value to audiences, participants, sponsors and society.

Arts organisations are now able to use the toolkit to guide a more strategic integration between the partners involved in a sponsorship relationship. For arts organisations with existing sponsorship relationships, the toolkit provides an opportunity to assess the depth and breadth of their practices, as well as develop the ability to nurture a more sustainable arts partnership approach. For organisations searching for new or additional partners, the toolkit provides a step-by-step guide and a set of exercises to craft a well-considered, longer-term arts partnership strategy. The toolkit is currently being updated and will be available again soon