Western Cape
Cape Town
Cultural Producers 2024

Writer / Director / Producer / Activist / Cape Town

Yusra Peters is a film writer, director, producer and activist, born and raised in Hanover

Park on the Cape Flats. She believes film has the power to bring awareness and encourage positive change in the world. Yusra has worked in the film industry for five years, some of her latest work was as Head of Communications, Digital Marketing, and Film Training for non-profit iKasi Creative Accounts on CBS and the film Afrika Shaka Zulu.

Yusra has also designed a 24-minute drama film based in Hanover Park tackling everyday challenges and inspiring the community to take on a different and more positive perspective about themselves. Her vision is that talent from the community will be trained to star in the film and youth from the community will be trained to work behind the scenes, with catering, locations and transportation services all coming from within the community, making this project a community serving film.