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Xabiso Vili is a multi-award-winning performer, writer, new media artist, producer and social activist. He strongly believes that art offers humanity a path toward integration, joy and healing. He works towards creating alternative spaces for art to be shared in innovative ways.

Xabiso is researching and creating methodology for how writing can be used as a tool for therapy. He is champion of multiple slams, has been published in various anthologies and has performed on four continents. He has worked with abandoned spaces and converted them into art hubs.

Xabiso has released an album, a one-man show, a poetry collection and he co-authored a YA novella. He created an AR poetry-audio-visual project, which was exhibited in Paris in June 2021 along with a projection mapping installatioin. He recently won the Poetry Africa Slam Jam and will be representing South Africa at the World Poetry Slam Championships in Brussels in 2022.