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Western Cape
Cape Town

Cultural activist Deidre Jantjies is passionate about the historical stories of women. She is the founder of Na Aap Productions, a fully integrated, broad-based production company, screening untold stories of Southern Africa.

Deidre has a long history of performing on stage. With these skills, she started writing her own stories, which she adapts into short and feature films. Working extensively on narratives closest to her heart, she creates stories that include indigenous heritage and traditions that have been forgotten. This is the most important dialogue that she wants to create.

Deidre identified that women needed a voice to represent themselves creatively. This motivated her to found a company representing African writers, directors, and producers. In 2020, Na Aap Productions partnered with an Indian storyteller and produced Love Thy Neighbour, an animated short film that won several international awards. In the same year, Na Aap also produced Tweegesig, an online comedy series that featured on Facebook, and Stories in die Wind, a web series that tells the indigenous story of a young girl finding her purpose.