Cultural Producers 2023

As The Dig, Sifiso Gcabashe has helped to build an extensive community of collectors, curators, deejays, artist (visual and digital), music researchers and scholars, event producers, music makers, contributors and music lovers who have a strong sense of and prioritisation for the alternative music and arts scene in Gauteng. He aims to build a credible, visible and connected creative arts and music scene that drives authentically curated experiences while celebrating and highlighting local artists.

Sifiso, better known as DeepAncestral or House of Rhythm, is a self-professed alternative music geek, from underground house to break beats, new jazz, electronica and everything in between. He loves niche, hip hop and pushing the sound curve. With 15 years’ experience as a DJ and music collector, House of Rhythm has also dedicated a large part of his life to fully entrenching himself in the South African alternative music scene. He is also an event curator, percussionist, writer, podcaster, moderator/interviewer and professional marketer.

Between 2010 and 2017, he created a house music specialist radio show called House of Rhythm on 90.5 VOW FM. The show became a bridge between established DJs/producers and the upcoming local scene, with specific focus on unearthing the best and exclusive house music from South Africa to the world. The show also boasted a great list of international and local contributors.

House of Rhythm is also a proud collaborative curator with a keen eye for creating well-curated and intimate events and large-scale events that not only focus on amazing music but on great experiences, beautiful spaces and collaboration with other DJs, artist, events and curators.